What and how we do?

In the area of research and training, Samajik Sodh Network Sansthan has built-up a rich expertise in conducting numerous assessment studies involving both quantitative as well as qualitative research methodologies including – Base line, Mid-term and End-line Surveys and Evaluation Studies. Our team of experts provides support for Statistical and Econometric Analysis of the data. We have collaborated with researchers of great repute in order to provide precise and accurate reports.

Survey experiments and RCTs


  • Designing the study parameters
  • Drafting Questionnaires
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Developing Android-based data collection Apps



Data Management and Analysis

  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Security Management
  • Meta Data and record Management
  • Data Analysis and reports

Monitoring & Data Quality

  • GPS Co-ordinate of each Household, photograph etc.
  • Time duration of each question asked
  • Randomly 30-90 seconds Audio recording of each Survey.
  • Real time data quality checks.
  • Surprise incentives
  • Random assessment by Supervisors
  • Our rich library has secondary data collected from both Public and Private Organizations

Other Services

  • Writing slogans
  • Putting up street shows and puppet shows
  • Scripting various activities based on the subject matter.
  • Scripting
  • Shooting and post production

Banking and Finance

The research tries to understand the different political, economic and institutional factors that influence the business environment at the national and state levels in India.

Health and Sanitation

Adequate sanitation, together with good hygiene and safe water, are fundamental to good health and to social and economic development.

Socio-Economic and Politics

The impacts of plotics and social develoment policies on people's lives in rural & urban India.

Renewable Energy and Environment

A better knowledge for designing policies that maximize the benefits and mitigate the negative impacts of forest degradation and reforestation for both people and forests.

If you are a Researcher fetching for meticulous data

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