We stand for equality and justice, working on issues such as women’s empowerment, defending the rights of the marginalised, improving livelihoods, accessing natural resources and holding government to account.

We work with rejected children, orphans who do not know their origin, children of commercial sex workers, children abused by their relatives, children who have witnessed the suicide of family members, and children deserted due to poverty and hardship. Some girls’ parents have contracted HIV/AIDS and are unable to care for them, although the girls themselves do not have HIV.

Some were sold to brothels in other states, expected to suffer the pain in silence; others resorted to glue-sniffing to escape daily physical and emotional duress. These children are often found in unhygienic conditions on streets and beaches, or in parks, parking lots, or slums.

Girls generally come to SRNO after five years of age, although exceptions are made for emergencies. We provide a safe, loving environment to support their growth until they have completed their education and/or vocational training and can provide for themselves as successful adult women.